Fellow humans,

The end of the world as we know it is right around the corner. When the clock strikes midnight on the 21st, will we be suddenly gliding to heaven or falling to hell? Will volcanoes erupt across the planet, causing an eternal blanket of ashen darkness? Will the Doctor descend and save humanity without our knowledge, as part of a heartwarming Christmas special?

No matter may come, we must join together to greet it. Starting at 2:30pm Eastern Time (-5hrs) on December 20th, I will be livestreaming films sure to prepare you mentally in case of Skynet, freak storms, zombies, and literally every natural nightmare the Earth could come up with. There may be tears, hilarious laughter, and even rage because That Guy Was Hot Why Was It Necessary To Kill Him Off, but it will be glorious.

  • 2:30pm - Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  • 5:00pm - The Day After Tomorrow
  • 7:15pm - Zombieland
  • 9:15pm - 2012

And if it hits midnight with no spontaneous rapture of the damned? Well, time to prepare for the inevitable zombie hordes headed straight for you.

  • 12:15am - 28 Weeks Later
  • 02:00am - I am Legend

> Join us [here] for any movie or all of them on December 20th. <